Abraham Tate

Last Will: In the name of God Amen.

I, Abraham Tate, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and considering the uncertainties of this mortal life, do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following.
      First It. It is my will and desire that I be decently buried in my family grave yard.
      Second It. It is my will and desire that all of my just debts be paid.
      Third It. It is my will and desire that the following amounts of money be charged to each one of my children for property I have given to them at various times and that the amounts so charged be made the basis for future settlement by my executor.
            To my daughter Louisa Stevens fourteen hundred dollars.
            To my son Evan C. Tate sixteen hundred and seven dollars.
            To my deceased son Theodore Tate's two children seven hundred dollars.
            To my daughter Amelia Chandler eighteen hundred dollars.
            To my daughter Sarah Ann Jane Willingham eleven hundred and eighty three dollars and sixty cents.
            To my son Newton W. Tate seventeen hundred and seventy-six dollars and fifty cents.
            To my son Benjamin F. Tate Eight(or Eighteen) hundred and fifty dollars.
            To my son (this part is really unreadable but it must be Elisha) Tate (again unreadable) hundred and thirty four dollars.
            To my son George W. Tate four hundred and twenty nine dollars.
      Item Fourth. I give bequest and devise to my two sons Elisha Tate and George W. Tate the undivided half interest each to lot of land no(113) (7th d.) (3rd sec) no. one hundred and thirteen, Seventh district and third section containing one hundred and forty acres more or less. I value said land to them at twenty five hundred dollars.
      Item Fifth. I give bequeath and devise to my beloved wife five hundred dollars cash.
      Item Sixth. I will and request that my Executor here in after named in the sale of lot of land no(162) (16Dist) (3rd sec) number one hundred and sixty two Sixth district and third section retain the right and titles to that part of said land known as the Grave Yard containing one half Acre more or less forever.
      Item Seventh. I further will and desire that after the sale of the residue of my property both real and personal wherever found or whatever it may be and the money collected for the same after paying the expenses necessary for winding up the estate, pay to each one of my heirs an amount of money so as to make them equal taking the charges in this my will, made against them as a basis for calculation and whatever amount of money that may be left over after making them equal I desire should be equally divided among them so as to make all equal in the final distribution of my property as nearly as may be without charging them to contribute to whom advances have been made.
      Item Eighth. I hereby constitute and appoint my son Newton W. Tate executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others here to fore made by me.
Signed sealed declared and published by Abraham Tate as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us the undersigned who subscribed our names in the presenses of Testor at his special instance and request and in the presence of each other.
      This 1 day of May 1878
                                                       Signed: Abraham Tate
John B. Boyd
Redmon T. Reese
Marion J. Dudley

      Filed in office July 23rd 1888
                                                        W. K. Black, Ordinary

Before me came John B. Boyd, Redmond T. Reese and Marion J. Dudley named as witnesses to the within writing proposing to be Abraham Tate's last will and being duly sworn said that they at the request of Abraham Tate, and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, did attest as witnesses the writing as his Abraham Tate's, last will. That the same was signed and published by Abraham Tate in their presence as his last will: that he was at the time of said attestation and signing by himself of sound and disposing mind and memory: that he executed the within papers voluntarily.

John B. Boyd
Redmond T. Reese
Marion J. Dudley

      Subscribed and sworn to before me October 1st. 1888.
                                                        W. K. Black, Ordinary

Thursday, August 2, 1888
Georgia, Gordon County:
N. W. Tate as executor having filed his petition for Probate of Abraham Tate's will in solemn form and it appearing that citation should issue to be served personally on Nellie A. S. Littlefield, Robert J. Stevens, Francis M. Stevens, Malica Ann Jackson, A. T. Stevens, Isaac W. Stevens, Amelia M. Stanford, Joseph E. B. Stevens, Chester L. Stevens, Mary Stevens, Tersora Stevens, Amelia C. Chandler, Sarah A. J. Willingham, B. F. Tate, Elisha Tate, and G. W. Tate ordered that the usual citation issue to be served on them ten days before the September Term, 1888, of this court and that as Theodore Tate, James B. Tate, Columbus Tate, Nellie A. S. Tate, Louiza Tate, Mollie Tate, Robert Tate, John C. Tate and Joseph A. Tate reside out of the state of Georgia, and can only be served by publication, that they be cited and made parties by publication once a week for four weeks in the Calhoun Times.
                                                        W. H. Black, Ordinary

{Taken from Gordon County, Georgia Newspaper Clippings; Volume IV; 1887 - 1890}
Submitted by Marilyn Houser.

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