Andrew Washington Bray {5} ~ Co K, 18th Regt AL Vols, CSA ~ Co A, Alabama 58th
Charles D. Bray ~ PVT, Co H, 2nd Regt Vol, Inf
John Middleton Campbell {2} ~ 3rd GA Cavalry, CSA
Thomas Patterson Campbell {2} ~ 3rd GA Cavalry, CSA
William W. Campbell {2} ~ 40th GA Infantry, CSA
Houston E. Carney ~ PVT, US Army Air Corps., WWII
Frank Martin Carter ~ PFC, US Army, WWII
Gerald Lewis Carter ~ PFC, US Army, WWII
Frank W. Chitwood ~ GA, PVT, Co B, 180 Inf Regt, WWII, BSM, PH
William Anderson Cox {6} ~ Pvt, Co D, 8th Batt, GA Inf
Jesse A. Edwards ~ Pvt, US Army, WWII
Carlton D. Fannin {9} ~ US Army , WWII
William Fuller ~ GA, PVT, HQ 91, Infantry Div, WWII
Cleborn W. Hamrick ~ SGT, US Army, WWII
James Bunyan Johnson {2} ~ Sgt, 3rd GA Cavalry, CSA
Ray M. Jones ~ US Army, WWI
Thomas J. Jones, Jr. ~ CCS, US Navy, WWII
William E. Jones ~ Co I, 23 GA Inf, CSA
Elijah Allen Joyce ~ Corp., Co H, 1 GA Regt., CSA
Grady L. Joyce ~ Georgia, PFC Co C,165 Inf, WWII, BSM, PH & OLC
Joseph A. Joyce ~ Sgt, US Army, WWII
Rembert D. Joyce ~ Georgia, TEC4 Co D 229 Infantry, WWII
Charles P. Kiker {7}~ GA 3rd Calvary, Co G
Charles R. Kiker {7}~ Pvt, Co E, 40th GA Inf, CSA
Edward J. Kiker {7}~ Pvt, Co F, 4th GA Inf, CSA
Evan W. Kiker {7}~ GA 4th Inf, Co F
W. A. Kiker {7}~ Cpl, Co G, 28th GA Inf, CSA
Rayford H. Langley ~ PFC, US Army, WWII
Vernie Leatherwood ~ PFC, US Army, WWII
Carl M. Long ~ Georgia, Pvt, Army Air Force, WWII
Isaac Buford Malone ~ Georgia, PFC, Machine Gun BN, WWI
William Tedford McEntyre {3} ~ Pvt, 8th GA Batt, Co C, Inf, Gists Brigade
James Hugh Middleton ~ Georgia, ADR3 US Navy
Charles R. Moore {4} ~ SN, US Navy, Korea
Clifton Morris ~ SP 5, US Army
Charles Lee Nix ~ AIC, US Air Force
James Franklin Noland {10} ~ Co. A 37th Ga., CSA
Tyernansis Noland {10} ~ Georgia, PVC, 4 SVC Comd., WWII
Lemmie M. Pendley {1} ~ CMsgt, USAF, 21 yrs
Thomas Jefferson Robbins ~ US Army
Floyd L. Roe ~ SP3, US Army
William Spearman ~ US Army, Vietnam
Nathan K. Squires ~ SGT, US Army, Vietnam
Milton Ray Stamey ~ PFC, US Army, WWII
William Luther Stokes ~ US Army, WWII
Eliphus Stone {7}~ Pvt, Co C, 3rd Regt, GA Calvary
Evan C. Tate {2} ~ Sgt, 40th GA Infantry, CSA
Hulon R. Vaughan ~ US Navy
Thomas J. Walker, Jr. ~ Cpl, US Army, Korea
Travis Whitfield {8} ~ Sgt, US Army, Vietnam
James Edward Wray ~ S1, US Navy, WWII

{1} Submitted by Lemmie Pendley.
{2} Submitted by Herman Johnson.
{3} Submitted by Amy Benefield.
{4} Submitted by Charles R. Moore.
{5} Submitted by S. David Smith.
{6} Submitted by Billy E. Cox.
{7} Submitted by Donna Kiker Liddell.
{8} Submitted by Timothy Whitfield.
{9} Submitted by Anita Collins.
{10} Submitted by Gloria Rogers.

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