At this point the intrenched line of Stanley's (1st) Div., 4th A. C. crossed the highway, facing Hood's line 0.5 mi. South.

May 14, 1864: 0.4 mi. E. (near Nance's Spring) Hood's rt. made a spirited attack on Stanley's left, which was foiled by timely arrival of 20th Corps troops.

May 15: Hood's rt. attacked 1st Div., 20th A. C. near State R. R., E., & the 2d & 3d Divs., failing to break Hood's line in their front, captured Corput's 4 - gun battery.
Located on Hwy. 41 S. at the Whitfield/Gordon County line.
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BATTLE OF RESACA ~ May 14, 1864 064-7
The Battle of Resaca was one of the few places where the entire armies of Sherman and Johnston faced each other in the Atlanta Campaign. Judah's (2nd) Div., 23rd Army Corps & part of the 14th Corps moved from the high bluff west of Camp Creek 3/4 mile west to the valley floor & attempted to carry Confederate works east of the stream. Met by blazing musketry & artillery fire from Hindman's and Bates Divs., posted on the ridge (east) the Federals sought refuge in teh stream - bed & made no further progress. This tragic & futile episode is unique in the annals of the Atlanta Campaign.
Located on Hwy. 41 S. at Confederate Cemetery Rd.
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Established shortly after the war by Miss Mary J. Green & Associates for burial of Confederate soldiers who fell at the Battle of Resaca.

May 14, 1864, Maj. Gen. A. P. Stewart's Div., Hood's A. C. (rt. of Johnston's line) posted 600 yds. N. E. attacked Stanley's Div., 4th A. C. near Nance's Spring and drove it N. W. to Old Union Ch. above the County Line.

May 15, Stewart again attacked the Federals posted 1/4 mi. S. of the County Line (near Scale's house) but failed to dislodge Williams' Div., 20th Corps.
Located on Confederate Cemetery Rd. just inside the walls of the Resaca Confederate Cemetery
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May 8, 1864. McPherson's 15th & 16th Corps seized Snake Creek Gap. On the 9th, attempting to destroy the R. R. at Resaca, (defended by Cantey's Div. of Polk's Corps), McPherson was forced to withdraw to the mouth of the gap where he intrenched.

This was the begining of Sherman's move to outflank Johnston's forces at Dalton.

May 13 - 14, Sherman moved the 14th, 20th, & 23d Corps through the gap & together with McPherson's troops, advanced toward Resaca ~ the 4th Corps marching due S. from Dalton. On the 14th began the two day battle of Resaca.
Located at the intersection of Hwy. 136 and the 136 Bypass
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