Elizabeth J. Dewberry Simmons06 Apr 183608 Sep 1907

G. Army of Tenn.
S. 3rd Regt. Tenn.
J. K. P. Benson Co. D, 41st Regt. Tenn.
Thos L. Chinowith Pvt., Co. C, 16th Regt. LA. Inf., C.S.A., 1842-1864
W. A. Crutchfield Co. D, Tenn.
J. Daugherty Co. A, 4th Battl. LA.
W. G. Durham Lt., 3rd Regt. Tenn.
J. Gambele 3rd Regt. Tenn.
J. A. Gilmore Co. B, 45th Regt. Tenn.
L. A. H. Army of Tenn.
John Ingles Co. D, 8th Regt. Tenn.
W. J. Jackson 3rd Cav. Regt. Tenn.
J. W. Lester Co. G, 29th Regt. Tenn.
T. M. Army of Tenn.
Thos. McHenry Forrest's Cav. died, 1862
John Miller Army of Tenn.
J. W. Rathers Co. C, 8th Regt. Tenn.
F. Russel Co. A, 45th Regt. Tenn.
S. T. Russel Corp., 5th Co. Washn. Artillery N.O., LA.
Wm. W. Ryan Sgt., 3rd Regt. Fla.
G. Sagkton Co. G, 32nd Regt. Tenn.
J. H. Savage 8th Regt. Tenn.
A. V. Simonton 9th Regt. Tenn.
Stokes Army of Tenn.
J. J. Sykes Co. A, 2nd Regt. Ark.
A. Theeton 8th Regt. Tenn.
T. B. Tucker 3rd Regt. Tenn.
Unknown 8th Regt. Tenn.
Unknown 9th Regt. Tenn.
Unknown 9th Regt. Tenn.
Unknown 9th Regt. Tenn.
Unknown Lt., Tenn.
Unknown Longstreets Corps., Army of VA.
J. H. Woddy 32nd Regt. Tenn.

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